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About „Epsilon“

The long awaited follow-up to Ride On. I’ve worked really long on this one and when I thought about the right day to release it, I thought: „Maybe christmas would be a nice day for this one.“ Like a christmas-gift for my listeners.

The tracks on „Epsilon“ are more experimental like on „Ride On“, but the album feels more like a real ALBUM than Dear Diary. Fun fact: The first track I wrote for „Epsilon“ was „First Step“ and the last one „The End“.

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Artist :
Titel : Epsilon
Release Date : 24. Dezember 2018
Format : Digital Download

The fifth album. Released on December 24th as some kind of christmas-gift for the fans. Again a fully instrumental electronic music album. Filled with catchy melodies and all kinds of electronic music from Ambient Techno, over Anthem Breaks, Synthtron and Progressive Trance to Downtempo Fusion.