New track: “River”

I’m very productive at the moment. Last week I’ve finished a track called “Dance With Somebody” for my Alter Ego Graham Loop and now I’ve finished another new track! It’s called “River” and you can listen to it on YouTube. For the first time I’ve uploaded a track to, which is some kind of virtual record label. They have an app, where you can upload your music and your artwork and they publish it on Spotify, iTunes,… FOR FREE! And if they think the music could be a commercial success, they give you a record deal. Sounds like an interesting concept. I wanted to try this app and so I wrote “River”, which is now waiting for its approval. Let’s what will happen.

Instant Download for Patrons

But until they upload it to the stores, you can download the track from my Patreon-Page. It’s “Patrons only”, so if you join me on Patreon, you will get this track.

And you can watch the video with the music in it on YouTube. Hope you like it! 🙂