The cover artwork of my first melodic electronic music album The Lagomorpha Experience

The Lagomorpha Experience

Band : Lagomorpha
Title : The Lagomorpha Experience
Release Date : 19/06/2009
Catalog ref. : 1
Format : Digital Download

Chronologically my first album, but with songs that were produced after the songs from the second album “Pader-City Beats” this album is fully packed with lots of melodic electronic music tracks, which are available as free downloads and as paid version. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes danceable. Sit down, lay back and enjoy the ride!

The Making Of This Album

While my first album (which was released as my second album) was just a collection of single songs, that I produced from the first days of being a musician, “The Lagomorpha Experience” grew naturally: I wrote song by song and many of them were very personal and reflected my life in the moment I wrote the song. Songs like “Sunday”, which was written after a long night out in the clubs. Or “Skyline”, which described my life in the heart of Frankfurt with all the Skyscrapers around me (and which is featured in countless YouTube-Videos). Or the melody of “Early Morning”, which came into my head, when I saw the sun rising over Frankfurt with all the dust in the air and the golden light. Or the soundscape in “Pink Clouds In A Green Sky”, which is really weird and experimental, but still one of my favourite tracks. It was recorded live: I took my early version of “Propellerhead Rebirth” (which is now available for the iPad), pressed “Record” and started to add sounds and notes during the recording. No edditing, no second try. What you can hear, is the one and only version of this song. I really like it!

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about this album: The most successful tracks from this album are “Skyline” and “Pink Clouds In A Green Sky”. While “Skyline” is really popular as background-music in lots of videos on YouTube, a lot of people listened to “Pink Clouds In A Green Sky” on SoundCloud. And I find really interesting: There have been some people who searched for the phrase “Pink Clouds In A Green Sky” on YouTube. I’m not sure if those people were looking for my song or if there is some other track which is called like this. Or a weather phenomenon. I don’t know. 🙂

I hope you will enjoy listening to “The Lagomorpha Experience”! Have fun with it!

Melodic Electronic Music for free

If you want to support me, you can download this album at every major online-store. But if you want to have it as free electronic music, you can also download it at Jamendo.