The cover artwork of my fourth electronic music album Ride On

Ride On

Band : Lagomorpha
Title : Ride On
Release Date : 13/09/2014
Catalog ref. : 4
Format : Digital Download

When I finished “Dear Diary“, my third electronic music album, I wanted my next album to be more “danceable”. I decided to name this fourth album “Ride On” and the first track I wrote was “So This Is It”, which is much more danceable than nearly everything else I ever wrote, but not danceable enough.

The second track, “Chaos”, turned out to be very experimental and loaded with lots of energy, but with it’s crashing rock-drums it was perfect for driving fast across the highway, but not so perfect for the dancefloor.

The third track, “Headache”, was more for the dancefloor, but not exactly what I wanted to write.

I worked on and on and wrote beautiful, ambient-inspired tracks like “Scape” or my winter-inspired track “Schneegestöber” (in english: “Snow Flurry”), which I really loved, but none of them were club-compatible.

Electronic Music for the Dancefloor

But then “Shape Night” came into my life: This track was born for the dancefloor. It’s waiting to be played in the big clubs, on Ibiza and everywhere else, where people want to raise their arms and scream and sweet and dance happily until the break of dawn. The same for “Final”, which was the last track I wrote for “Ride On”: Take it to the club and let it electrify the masses!

I think, “Ride On” is the best electronic music album I ever wrote. Okay, every artist calls his new album his best album so far, but when I listen to the songs I wrote for “Dear Diary”, which I still love very much, and then listen to “Ride On”, than “Ride On” sounds so much more “grown up” and it’s more a real album than my first three albums, which sounded more like compilations.

I hope you like “Ride On” as much as I do and would love to hear from you! Have fun with my new album!

“Ride On” was nominated as “Dance/Electronica Album” at the 13th “Independent Music Awards”. Winner in the Dance/Electronica Album category for “Ride On” in The IMA 13 Vox Pop poll, the fan-determined portion of The Independent Music Awards.