The cover artwork of my second electronic music album Pader-City Beats

Pader-City Beats

Band : Lagomorpha
Title : Pader-City Beats
Release Date : 07/03/2009
Catalog ref. : 2
Format : Digital Download

A collection of early electronica tracks. After “The Lagomorpha Experience” I had a lot of unreleased tracks from the early electronica days, which I thought should be released as well. Some of them are still some of my favourites today: “The Loft”, “Skychaser” (which was inspired by the music from the awesome Chicane. The name came from a Beach-Boys-Song called “Chasing The Sky” from the movie “Up The Creek”.), “Trapped In Thoughts” (which I wrote after I’ve decided to move from Paderborn to Frankfurt), “Sinus” (which was one of my first tracks ever, made with Fruity Loops) – when I listen to them today, I think: “Wow! How came these sounds into my mind?” I love ’em!

I uploaded my tracks at (which was the biggest platform for free music at that time) and “October Night” was chosen by the staff of They called it a “Slow and dreamy trancer”. Go and decide by yourself, if they were right and enjoy “Pader-City Beats”!

Free or paid – it’s your decission

You can get “Pader-City Beats” completely for free at Jamendo or – if you want to support me – you can buy it at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or anywhere else.