The cover artwork of my third electronic music album Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Band : Lagomorpha
Title : Dear Diary
Release Date : 19/03/2012
Catalog ref. : 3
Format : Digital Download

The follow-up to “The Lagomorpha Experience” contains 14 very personal tracks in the paid version and 10 in the free version. They all describe some certain situations in my life – but without words. “Wrong Place” was written when I was far away from my home and felt like I was at the wrong place in this moment. “Changes” was written in a time, when everything changed: I moved on to a new city, a new flat – everything was new. “You make me smile” is about a very special person (and I have no idea if she ever recognized that it was about her). “Countryside” was inspired by a beautiful afternoon on a farm. The opener “Rollin'” was the first track I produced with nothing else but an iPad. “Stardust” was inspired by a concert of Electronic-Music-Artist Schiller. “The Garden” was inspired by my trip to Bali (beautiful island! You should visit it!). And so on. Every single song has it’s own story and so this album is like a diary.

Listen to my stories told only with sounds, not with words. Enjoy this very special journey through the world of electronic music!

Free music for everyone

You can download “Dear Diary” for free at Jamendo, or you can pay a few bucks, support me and get four tracks more: “Distorted Emotions” (a dark, minimalistic techno track), “Stupid Hairy Thing” (a rough techno-ride, inspired by a person I was very angry about), “Strawberry Milk” (a remix of song that I never wrote. Strange, I know.) and “Goodbye” (maybe the most personal track on this album. One of my alltime-favs.) are only available in the paid version or on Spotify.