“Eintracht Frankfurt” is a huge german sportsclub. They’ve celebrated their 50.000st member with a really nice video which included my music. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join this project and of course I said “Hell yes!”. 😉 He wanted something epic. With strings and drums and horns and all those stuff that gives you goosebumps. And what makes Hollywood-Movies feel so… Hollywood-ish.

Something for the stadium

The result is this two minutes long video which premiered last weekend at a big event in Frankfurt. They also released it on Facebook and on YouTube and they play a shorter version before every game at home and in the halftime. Pretty cool! Now I have something in common with the great Hans Zimmer: He played live at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt last summer. And now you can hear my music there, too! And yes, I’m a little bit proud because of all of this. 😉 So, here it is, with an epic soundtrack with lots of strings and drums and horns. Enjoy!

And if you’re more into my electronic stuff: Have a look at this 12-minutes long track for my Alter Ego Graham Loop.

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