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Techno, Trance, Electronica - This is Lagomorpha. Welcome to my world of sound!

What does Lagomorpha sound like?

The music of Lagomorpha can be best described as "Electronica": A bit of Techno, a bit Trance, a bit Dance, sometimes Ambient and Chill-Out.
You should give this music a listen to understand the sound of Lagomorpha.

For example with my track "Roto Roto", which you can download for free as an AAC-File.

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Cover: Lagomorpha - Ride On

Lagomorpha - Not Enough Tracks For An Album EP

My first EP ever. I had this four tracks which came up very quick one after another and I wanted to release them together. But I had "Not Enough Tracks For An Album" and that's why I named this EP like this. ;-)
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Cover: Lagomorpha - Ride On

Lagomorpha - Ride On

Ride On - my fourth album. And the one which has won my first award: The IMA 13 Vox Pop poll, the fan-determined portion of The Independent Music Awards, in the Dance/Electronica Album category.
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Cover: Lagomorpha - Dear Diary

Lagomorpha - Dear Diary

Some kind of "Electronica Diary". Every song tells his own story of a certain time in my life. "The Garden" for example was inspired by a journey to Bali and "Stardust" was inspired by a car-ride at night.
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Cover: Lagomorpha - Pader-City Beats

Lagomorpha - Pader-City Beats

The first album, that came out as the second album. It contains my early steps in electronic music, but still some of my favourites: "Skychaser", "The Loft", "Trapped In Thoughts". Maybe I should re-master this stuff some day.
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Cover: Lagomorpha - The Lagomorpha Experience

Lagomorpha - The Lagomorpha Experience

My second album, which was released before my first album. It contains my most shared track ("Skyline") and one of my alltime-favourites ("Sunday"). And a pretty strange sound-experiment called "Pink Clouds In A Green Sky". Enjoy!
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Facts about Lagomorpha, his work, his life and everything you ever wanted to know about your favourite electronic music artist. Just click this button:

7 Facts about Lagomorpha

  • Electronica artist from Germany
  • Styles: Electronica, Dance, Trance, Techno. Always instrumental (so far).
  • Influences: Paul van Dyk, BT, Chicane, Air, Lemon Jelly, Paul Kalkbrenner, Hans Zimmer
  • Composes and produces music since 1995
  • 4 albums released: "Pader-City Beats" (2004), "The Lagomorpha Experience" (2006), "Dear Diary" (2012), "Ride On" (2013)
  • Biggest "hit" so far: "Skyline" ("The Lagomorpha Experience") was licensed as In-Game-Music for the iOS-Game "Diver Dave" and is used as background-music in countless YouTube-Videos all over the world.
  • Nominated for "Ride On" as "Dance/Electronica Album" at the 13th "Independent Music Awards"

Working on a new track, for Lagomorpha it's like going on an adventure journey: It starts with an idea but he never knows, what kind of song is waiting for him at the end of his work. Sometimes it ends up as a Trance-Track, sometimes it's Techno, but most often it is something a friend called "Lagomorphaesque": Some kind of Electronica, sometimes pretty relaxed, sometimes full of energy. Perfect for driving around, home-listening or just dreaming away. Always instrumental, always melodic and always made with passion.

Music is what he is living for, since he heard the first "Beatles"-Tape his father recorded for him as a little child. He grew up with the music of artists like "The Hollies", "The Beach Boys", "The Mamas & The Papas" and - of course - "The Beatles". Paul McCartney was his hero when he was young, but this changed over the years. At the age of 16 he was infected with the Techno-Virus: "James Brown is dead" and "Dominator" were the first Techno-Tracks he listened to and what started as "Holy sh**, what a horrible noise!" turned into fascination and later it grew to a new love. The legendary Rave "Mayday", the "Love Parade" in Berlin and clubs like "Aufschwung Ost", "Omen" and "E-Werk" became his second "Living Room". When he first heard Westbams "Celebration Generation", he thought: "I want to make something like this!" His wish became true when the music-tool "ReBirth" by Propellerheads was released: From that day on no expensive hardware synths were needed to produce electronic dance music and he wrote his first tracks. "ReBirth" was followed by "Cubase VST 5" in combination with some more soft-synths, then there was Propellerheads "Reason", "Fruity Loops" and later Ableton Live, which fitted perfectly to his workflow.

From day one, Lagomorpha published his tracks online: First at (where his track "October Night" was a staff-pick and was featured as "Slow and dreamy trancer"), later on platforms like MySpace and since his second album, "The Lagomorpha Experience", his music is available at all major download-stores and streaming-platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or Rdio.

Album number four, "Ride On" was nominated in 2014 as "Electronica/Dance Album" at the 13th Independent Music Awards.It has won the "Vox Pop poll", the fan-determined portion of the Independent Music Awards.

Right now Lagomorpha is working on his fifth album. Working title: "#5". It's release is planned for 2017. Watch out!


LAGOMORPHA - Electronic Dance Music Artist / Styles: Techno, Trance, Electronica / Nominated for "Ride On" as "Dance/Electronica Album" at the 13th "Independent Music Awards". Winner in the Dance/Electronica Album category for "Ride On" in The IMA 13 Vox Pop poll, the fan-determined portion of The Independent Music Awards.